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There are many fine worship sites on the net—that's more of a classic understatement than a statement of fact! Do you have a hard time keeping up with everything that's out there? Do you even try? With the volumes of information and resources available today, a word to describe what happens to us has even become a noun: "overwhelm."

If you're in a state of "overwhelm" over all the worship resources available, WorshipToonz can help with this listing of worship music sites. While this doesn't at all claim to be comprehensive, you may find a few that serve you, and a few you didn't know about.

The CCLI Top 25 listing on our site links to external sites. We've got links on our WebRing to most of these sites, and to many others as well. Clicking on any of the links below will bring you to another page on this site, on which I give a few comments and observations and multiple external links. You'll find it easy to browse each of these pages since they're organized as a webring, with each page of links chain-linked with the previous and following links pages.


suggestions for using our webring

The first link you click on one of these pages will open in a second window. All succeeding links will open in that same window, so your desktop isn't cluttered with multiple browser windows. Don't maximize THIS window, or you'll lose the second window behind this one. If you position the new window to one side of your WorshipToonz window, you'll have an easier browsing experience. (If any link appears not to open, it's probably because your second window is hidden behind others.) Why are we doing this? I'm banking on most of you having a 17+" monitor, working at 1280x1024 resolution. (If any of you scream, I'll listen... :)

There are quite a few sites here with free resources, so go ahead! Happy exploring!

To access directly any of the sites below (in the SubPage Listing),
without intermediate page or commentary,
go to the WebRing QuickLinks page.



our webring

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