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Recordings & Lead Sheets

Dan Gardner, noted composer and music minister, with over 35 years in the ministry, is our prime contributor. Many powerful worship songs, inaccessible before now, are within these recordings. Click on an album for a list of songs, and a lead sheet preview and sample from each.

AND... we've packaged each audio file with TWO and sometimes three lead sheets -- original key and other potential keys -- each within its own (virus-free) zip file for download, along with two or three keys of Lyrics & Chords for Guitar, AND a Lyrics Sheet that you can copy into your preferred program for projection. Pick as many Worship Song Packages as you'd like, or download entire sets from each recording. (All transactions occur over a secured connection: SSL Secured with 128-bit encryption.)

Here at WorshipToonz, we feel lead sheets should be more than merely functional, but attractive to look at. After all, if they're at all useful to you, you'll be looking at them for weeks, if not months. And if you'll be using them with your worship teams, they should offer more than just block-chord harmony, but good voice-leading, and attention to ranges. Some of our different-keyed lead sheets of any particular song may change voice leading depending on range. For example, we often try to minimize how often your tenors will be asked to sing a high F, especially in meditative worship songs.

You may have some musicians who only read basic chords, or guitarists whose eyes glaze over with the constant chord changes found in much of today's worship music. Each package also includes simplified chording, in keys a guitarist can play in (D, G, A, for example), with capo indications to play the song in the same keys as in the Lead Sheets.

If you require a key that isn't included in the song package, just drop me (Joe Blattert) a line at our Contact Us page. I can do custom charts for you in requested keys for as little as $25 (for a one page lead sheet).

All of the audio clip demos for each of the songs are mp3 format, at mono and low fidelty for quick sampling. The audio included in each zip file download is high quality stereo (or as high as is possible), and require Windows Media Player. If you don't have Windows Media Player, click on the Windows Media icon below to go to the Microsoft download page. Before downloading be sure to specify which version of Windows or Mac OS your computer is using.

Click here to download Windows Media Player

You will also need a program to open the zip file (unless you have Windows XP, in which the zip file opens within Explorer). If your computer is a PC running Windows, click here to download an evaluation version of WinZip, one of the most popular of the Windows zip/unzip programs. If you have a Mac, click here to download ZipIt for Mac.

T.R. Smith
with the Sacred Music Boys


Zion Choir with Dan Gardner
Zion Christian Church


Zion Choir & Orchestra
with Dan Gardner
Zion Choir, Worship Teams
and Orchestra


All Worship Packages include Windows Media audio, multiple-key Lead Sheets, Lyrics & Chords for Guitar, and Lyrics Sheets. The complete listing of available packages is below, or you can click on any one of the above album covers to go to a page with the worship song listings for that particular recording. Each album page also includes previews of one key of each Lead Sheet portion of the package, and an audio demo.
For more information on what's inside our Worship Packages, and why,
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List pending. Email us if interested in purchasing Worship Packages of any of the above songs. We will email you back the details of purchase. Upon receiving your payment, you'll receive the package(s). For songs in the recording Jesus Reigns Forever, go to our WorshipToonz store.