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About Us

Joe Blattert
WorshipToonz arranger and Webmaster
Blattert Creative Solutions was born of a desire to serve those who serve God's people. There are many in ministry who could make a powerful contribution, if they had the forum and the means to be heard. After many years working in support ministries, most of it in the music field, a number of those opportunities have fallen into place—a convergence of internet, acquaintance, and opportunity.

This endeavor is linked closely with Dan Gardner, music minister and composer, who has now retired from active ministry at the church his father, Leonard Gardner, founded, Zion Christian Church in Troy, Michigan. Dan is a friend of many years, and has numerous ministry gifts: composer of many well-known worship songs ("My Life Is In You," for example), an orchestral arranger and director, worship leader and teacher. He was one of a few who led worship on a Hosanna! Integrity recording in the first years of its offerings, and he continues his writing to the present.

At WorshipToonz we also want to position ourselves with a growing number of lesser known composers who have quality material, so we are not attempting to be in competition with other fine worship sites. In fact, we want to help make these other sites even more accessible to our visitors. We feel those who visit us are best served by a cooperative not competitive spirit, and we like to point out where quality lies (in other sites, as well as our own) when we see it. In the process, we hope our visitors will decide that much of our own music can be useful to them, and they'll take the steps to acquire it. So we welcome relationships through link trading with other Christian sites, as well as other Christian music sites, since our music offerings are unique.